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Helicopter Flight Mechanics in Cartoons- a tale of Blade and

Certain Bernard, Le Maitre Régis, Mugglebee John

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Helicopter Flight Mechanics in Cartoons- a tale of Blade and

Make no mistake about it,
these cartoons mean business !
Why is a helicopter able to fly ?
What laws govern its flight ?
What can it do... and not do?   
Simple questions, often without simple answers.
The goal of this work is to satisfy in a user-friendly way the curiosity of its readers,
from the aviation buff and student of aeronautics to the helicopter pilot, both trainee and veteran.

       Format 21x29,7
       124 pages

octobre 2013                ISBN/EAN : 9782364930766
---------------------------------------Table des matières
THE Vehicle

The Function Shapes the Organ,

Hovering, the Theory

Velocity Field

Rotor Thrust

The Price of Lift

The Main Gearbox

The Aerodynamic Players

The Collective Pitch Control


Rotor Wind

Rotor Wind and the Blade Element

Tail Rotor

Tilting the Rotor

The Lateral Dissymmetry of Relative Win8

The Pendulum

The Flapping Hinge

The Articulated Rotor in Hover

The Articulated Rotor and the Lateral Dissymmetry of Relative Wind


Cyclic Pitch Variation

Cyclic Pitch Variation while Hovering

Cyclic Pitch Variation and the Lateral Dissymmetry of Relative Wind

Cyclic Pitch Control

Articulated Rotor or Rigid Rotor ?

The Drag Hinge


Vibration Absorbers

Equilibrium in Hovering

Equilibrium in Cruising Flight

Autorotation and Relative Wind

Autorotation and Aerodynamic Forces

Eiffel’s Polar and Lilienthal’s Polar



The Art of Flying

Pilot, Aircraft and Environment

The Piloting System


Attitude Change

Pitch Moment and Roll Moment

Flying in Hover

The Lateral Dissymmetry of Relative Wind

The Lateral Dissymmetry of Relative Wind and Cyclic Action

The Dissymmetry of Induced Velocity

The Positive Effect of Translation

The Negative Effect of Translation

Straight and Level Steady Flight

The Attitude-Speed Relationship

The Power-Speed Curve

Controlling Level Flight



A Question of Power


Vortex Ring

A Zero Sideslip Flight


Ground Effect

Air Referencing and Ground Referencing



The Domain of the possible

The Flight Envelope

Maximum Takeoff Weight

Weight and Balance Limitations

Weight and Balance

Engine, Transmission and Rotor Limitations

Pressure, Temperature and Performance

Pressure, Temperature and Required Power

P/s, M/s

Pressure, Temperature and Available Power

Hover Out of Ground Effect (HOGE)

Hover In Ground Effect (HIGE)

Height-Velocity Diagram

Rate of Climb

Fuel Consumption


Other Limitations

Unusual Situations

The Vortex Ring State

Producing a Vortex

The Vortex Zone

The Dynamic Vortex

Preventing a Vortex from Happening

Recovery from a Vortex

Controlling the Yaw Axis

The Ergonomics of Yaw Control

Integrating a Tail Rotor

The Tail Rotor in Hover

The Tail Rotor in Forward Flight

The Positions of the Rudder Pedals

Tail Rotor and Wind

Tail Rotor Efficiency and Certification

Static Rollover

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